Robert Calcraft Founder of REN Skincare On UK’s The Secret Millionaire Show

Robert Calcraft or Rob Calcraft one of the founders on REN Skincare has recently appeared on UK’s reality television show The Secret Millionaire.

I’m still a huge REN Skincare fan, in fact REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is one my favorite body washes ever! It is so pure and delicate I even use it on my boys (3 and 10 months).

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is also a must-have green summer body wash, especially after-sun I like to use gentle body washes to sooth my skin. And the REN body wash aroma is very delicate and light! Perfect for the hot summer days or night!

Robert Calcraft & Antony Buck in an interview with me about REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash back in June 2007:

“It is one of the very few products out there that contain (ridiculously expensive) real rose otto oil. The oil we use is extracted using steam rather than chemicals so it is even purer. The fragrance you get from the real thing is so extraordinary that once tried you can’t forget it. In addition and as with all our products there’s no petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance etc etc so the whole experience is very different (and much nicer) than your run of the mill body wash.”

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  1. Dear BobertCalcraft,
    I am responding to your recent appearance on television i.e. secret millionier,simply to pass on to you the shere humility and sincereity which you showed these people, whom you met got involved and indeed surely touched in many ways.
    My background is ex Military and very much involved in sales for many years and now would like to get involved in helping people to get back into the work place,i am capable reaching out to these people inspiring them but don’t know where to start realy? Perhaps you may have some ideas of your own in order for me to make some headway with it.

    Your’s Sincerely,

    Dilwyn Davies.

  2. This message is for Robert Calcraft. I have just seen your Secret Millionaire appearance. I noticed that it was made in 2009. I live in Vancouver and it has only just aired here. I was wondering if you have heard how Terry is doing, if in fact he is still living. He was such an inspiration. I saw that you were touched by his thoughtfulness towards others. I think he taught us all a lesson about helping others without wanting any thanks. Great show. I always enjoy the Secret Millionaire.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi Robert,

    This globetrotting gall was (sporadic moment infront of a television) very touched by the way you reacted to Terry and other
    people you donated, hope Terry is still rolling his fags!

    To be confronted with the other side of the coin I can only say “Every day is a gift, how lucky WE are”!




  4. Last night I watched the Secret Millilonaire episode which aired here in Toronto .What a genuine Mr Calcraft is along with a sparkling sense of humour .
    The world needs more people like him.Hats off to Mr Calcraft!
    Kindest Regards,Chris Ormond

  5. Yes, I watched the same show. Amazingly interesting and depressing. Most of the back-up help and support was from the women.

  6. I am just watching Secret Millionare featuring Rob Calcraft. He is an amazing man. I have watched a few of these shows and in most cases these millionares turn up on the last day dressed up in immaculate suits. Rob was wearing the same jeans and I just saw humility in this man. I learnt something too from Terry, when he said when he gives he does not leave his name. We now live in a world where a lot of people love to be known by the world that they have given something. Well done Colin for what you are doing to help others in spite of what you are going through yourself. Thanks Rob for what you have done.

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