shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2009 Lashes In Nature

shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2009 Lashes In Nature mystic scenes of nature meet the exquisite art of lashes!

A fashion statement for the eyes, exclusively from the atelier artists of shu uemura, Tokyo Lash Bar’s Lashes in Nature offers the most artistic collection of false eye lashes yet. The dynamic meeting of minds, personalities, geographic locations and aesthetic approaches of shu uemura makeup masters Gina Brooke, Kakuyasu Uchiide, Yuji Asano and Mina Matsumura resulted in nine wearable masterpieces.

Infused with inspiration from flowers, forests, oceans and the sky, all lashes are a perfect balance of nature, science and art. With a lash for every eye, Lashes in Nature offers bold, charming, delicate, dramatic and cheeky options in the forms extravagant “premium”, decorative “statement” and everyday “accent” lashes.

Flower Garden-Ster Collection! By Gina Brooke, Artistic Director Inspired by a flower’s ability to lift spirits and engender energy, Gina Brooke created three pairs of false eyelashes as a way to share her sensibilities with the world. “Flowers have always inspired me,” says Brooke. “I glanced at my garden and, seeing large arrangements of beautiful peonies and lavender, I instantly decided to use these flowers as my lash inspiration.”

Fleur-Ever (Premium Edition): Dramatic and elegant, this lash’s design emulates the tail of a bird whose exotic purple plumage is accented with white flecking. Petal-like forms hide inside the lashes, bringing to mind a bouquet of sweet peonies. Perfect for any extravagant or fanciful look, lashes like these “…exude femininity and are the ultimate expression of one’s individuality,” according to Brooke. SRP: $79.00

Lavender Bloom (statement piece): These deep purple-toned lashes boast soft fur-like materials,
creating a subtly gorgeous appearance. “Lavender bloom is an extension of life and growth,” says Brooke. “I wanted to create a lash that was blooming with color.” With a blink of the eye, watch the fur dance with a charming, ultra- feminine effect. SRP: $29.00

Farfallina (accent): Triple layers of brown and black tones with different levels of curls and longer lashes toward the outer edge give an ideal volume and natural look. SRP: $29.00

Deep Forest by Kakuyasu Uchiide, international artistic director: Emotionally stirred by how the forest nurtures and provides shelter for its inhabitants, Kakuyasu Uchiide designed a pair of lashes that recreate the beauty and delicacy of leaves. “I tried to express elegance, glamour, and style in a balanced way,” says Uchiide. “In my opinion, these three elements are requisites for contemporary mode.”

Goldglam Leaf (premium edition): Modern glamour meets nature’s wild, yet fragile essence with these glimmering lashes made from real skeleton leaves drenched in glimmering gold. Transparent crystals, like droplets of water from a morning’s dew, sit atop this hand-crafted piece of art for a glistening, captivating look. “While it is impossible for humans to recreate the delicate veins of a leaf,” says Uchiide, “It is possible to evoke the wonder of nature in the form of this eyelash.” SRP: $79.00

Great Marine by Yuji Asano, international chief make-up artist: Spending much of his time at the beach, Yuji Asano looked to the sea for inspiration when creating his lashes. One of nature’s most profound marvels, the ocean with its vastness and crashing waves can calm and rejuvenate the spirit. “When I’m on a beach just looking at the waves, I feel at ease to follow my heart,” says Asano. “Whether laughing or crying, when you face the ocean, it always looks beautiful.”

Marine Tide (premium edition): The unique curl design of this lash echoes the undulating roll of the ocean’s tidal cycle. This striking lash also references Mr. Uemura’s iconic “umbrella” eyelash. It is weaved with multiple shades of blue, from sea and sky blue to deep turquoise, accented with a sprinkling of white foam. It’s easy to make a splash on land with this dynamic design. SRP: $79.00

Flare Eyelash Rainbow (accent): With these multi-colored flare lashes, become a marine siren who, according to Asano, “exudes a strong presence with elegance and modesty.” Bringing to mind delicate flower petals floating in water, these warm and cool colored lashes offer different accents for different moods. SRP: $18.00

Celestial Horizon by Mina Matsumura, artistic director, europe: Looking to the sky and the many ways light emanates from it, Mina Matsumura captured nature’s celestial miracles in three pairs of lashes. “What I cherish and respect the most in my creations is light,” says Mina. “Light has the power to alter our moods and emotions.” From glittering, playful snow drops to colors that miraculously float in the sky after rain to shimmering, fanciful stars, each pair of lashes is meant to revive the spirit and “offer a kaleidoscope of light and joy.”

Snow Twist (premium edition): Dramatically feminine, these delicate clusters of tiny, translucent snow
crystals dance across the eye. Each lash is made from thin, milky white wires. Frosted pink teardrop crystalsenhance the lower lash, creating a cool winter wonderland of gorgeous purity. SRP: $79.00

Lucent Rainbow (statement piece): For a playful, mood-enhancing look, multiple loops of translucent colored wires align to create a beautiful rainbow effect. With bold eye makeup or by themselves, these lashes make eyes pop with splashes of extravagant color. SRP: $27.00

Mini Stardust (accent): These striking, small-sized, night-blue-colored lashes are accented with tiny star motifs for pretty twinkles on the edge of the eyes. SRP: $22.00

All lashes will be available June 2009 at, shu uemura boutiques and counters nationwide.

About tokyo lash bar: As an expert in the art of false eyelashes, shu uemura’s Tokyo Lash Bar collections have established themselves as the hottest beauty staples in the world. Since the first collection, Tokyo Lash Bar 2005, makeup artists and enthusiastic customers have recognized the eyelash as an important item to express creative energy. With tremendous variations of shapes, colors and materials, each year shu uemura introduces false eyelashes boasting unique and interesting new concepts and artistic designs.

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