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Look For Less:Maybelline New York Waterproof liquid eyeliner

The following is  is a liquid eye liner review by Meryl, Talking Makeup’s lovely intern!


I believe Liquid eyeliner is always in if you apply it correctly! So I decided to write about two of my favorite liquid eyeliners.

First one is Maybelline New York Waterproof liquid eyeliner. This eyeliner costs you about $ 6 to $8 dollars. But don’t let the price fool you. Its very affordable and good in quality. This eyeliner is amazing! The liquid eyeliner is thick liquid and firm felt tip applicator allows easy control. This is very important since a lot of people think liquid eyeliners are hard to apply.

Also the Maybelline New York Waterproof liquid eyeliner is extremely waterproof. Sometimes I wear this eyeliner when I go swimming and it does not come off unless I rub my eyes hard. But, the good part is that at night when you are trying to take off your makeup, it comes off easily. Some waterproof eyeliners are really hard to get it off and you have to spend money on eye makeup remove, but not this eyeliner. I highly recommend this eyeliner for a beginner that does not want to spend big bucks for eyeliner!

My second favorite is a little pricier then my first selection. It it’s called MAC Liquid Eyeliner. This runs you about $ 16.50.