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Volume Returns at Chris Benz Resort 2011

Volume is making a comeback! John Ruidant, Redken Session Stylist, created and styled voluminous hair to compliment the Chris Benz Resort 2011 collection last week in New York City. This collection is very modern and accessible for the sophisticated woman who is looking to throw on something for breakfast by the pool at her resort. Taking inspiration from Pat Nixon and the 1950s, John fashioned a very voluminous ‘Jackie O’ hairstyle. The classic ‘do is done, but not overly done and structured.

Here’s how to get a voluminous hairstyle as seen at Chris Benz Resort 2011. To perfect this look, set aside a full hour from start to finish.

Peter Lamas

Introducing Peter Lamas the hairdresser to the stars. Peter was Jackie O’s hairdresser for years and has worked with everyone from Diana Ross to Kate Winslet. Needless to say, I was very curious to try some products of his from his hair care line. And of course, because I’m a beauty addict.

I put the Peter Lamas RICE Volumizing Shampoo and conditioner (formulated with rice protein nature’s thickening and volumzing agen and with certifed organic botanicals, vitamins and amino acids) to the test this morning. I love the packaging. Kind of an understated feature, I know, but sometime products can be great but when they are not user friendly or attractive to the eye it can be a deal breaker. The packaging was straight forward yet it had a quality feel to it. Then I really loved the smell. Not too sweet and not too fresh and poky. A smell that will make you want to smell your hair all day. I was a bit nervous to try the volumizing shampoo and conditioner because I was expecting to get super huge, dry, and tough to control hair which I sometimes get from volumizing hair products. In addition I already have naturally super voluminous hair (I know, tough life LOL).

Jonathan Product INFINITE VOLUME

Jonathan Product is launching in April 2010 the INFINITE VOLUME collection including Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickening Foam.

L to R: Jonathan Product INFINITE VOLUME Shampoo ($20), Jonathan Product INFINITE VOLUME Conditioner ($22), Jonathan Product INFINITE VOLUME Thickening Foam ($24)