Fekkai Stylists Working With Actresses America Ferrera and Rose Byrne For The Emmys

Talking Makeup has the scoop to who would be styling the tresses of actress America Ferrera and Rose Byrne for the 60th Annual Emmy Awards.

Looks like Fekkai stylists Adir Abergel and Daniel Howell are working with Fekkai this year to tame the tresses of the following fabulous celebrities: America Ferrera and Rose Byrne.

America Ferrera.

Rose Byrne.

Hollywood starlets know that it’s all about glamorous hair when it comes to the red carpet. This year for the 2008 Emmy Awards, two of the industry’s most sought after hair stylists, Adir Abergel and Daniel Howell, have chosen to work with Fekkai to create award winning hair. Daniel Howell will tend to the tresses of America Ferrera, Ugly Betty nominee and Adir Abergel will style Rose Byrne locks, attending for Damages.

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