How To Apply Lancôme Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm With Sandy Linter

On my recent trip to New York City I visited the Lancôme boutique on Upper West Side, which was a totally luxuriating (Marta just made this word up) experience. I love makeup and I love Lancôme so as you can tell it felt like heaven to me, lol. The icing on the cake was being introduced to Lancôme’s top celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter, an industry icon. She’s worked on more celebrities and supermodels than any artist around. She was recently awarded an Elle Genius Award (check out the April 2009 issue of Elle!) and there’s a great interview with her in the April Allure that’s part of the gorgeous “Coming of Age” story featuring Cindy Crawford.

When chatting with Sandy, she told me she did makeup for Sigourney Weaver! Sandy also did the makeup charts for the Austin Powers movie. Yes, yes…cool stuff! 

I was thrilled when Sandy Linter offered to makeover my eye makeup, particularly my eye liner. She told me I almost got it right however with my eyes being a bit roundish she suggested I change my eye liner application technique. She recommended Lancôme Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm and to go for a softer eye makeup look. She took off my black eye liner and gave me the following tips on how to apply Lancôme Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm:

Lancôme Celebrity Makeup Artist Sand Linter & Marta Walsh at the Lancôme boutique Upper West side New York City.

Use the right eye liner brush which normally looks slanted. With the brush take a little bit of eye liner and put it on the back of your hand first to warm it up. Use the back of your hand as your palette, this way you can control how much eye liner you apply.

Step two, look straight into mirror and gently pull or extend you eye lids at the corner of your eyes and follow the natural line of your eye lid. Tip: to give your eyes an illusion of separation and make them look bigger and wider, apply eye liner only on the corner of your eyes, top and bottom. Sort of like a soft cat eye.


To finish my look Sandy applied a champagne or golden eye shadow which accentuated the blue eye liner. And done! You might want to try Lancôme NEW Limited Edition COLOR DESIGN Sensational Effects Eye Shadow, $44. Available at

Marta Walsh in Lancôme Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm, my new signature look:)

Thank you Sandy Linter for chatting with me and for giving the best eye liner tips ever!

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