HSN & FanRocket Welcomes You to Faces of Beautiful You-Episode One

I’m very excited to introduce to you Faces of Beautiful You, a new web series by HSN (Home Shopping Network) and FanRocket!

The Faces of Beautiful You by HSN and FanRocket stars are 3 young college girls: Hallie Myers, Smith Chea, and Nicki Williams. The trio loves to hang out together and share their adventures in dating, work, and most importantly, their obsession with beauty products and fashion.

The plot of Faces of Beautiful You, follows the life of 3 young girls in their very early 20 learning about life, and discovering their inner styles. Watching the web series gives us an insight to the latest beauty products on the market, so it is a must watch if you are a beauty addict.

In HSN & FanRocket Faces of Beautiful You-Episode 1: Blind Date in Sight, while Hallie is getting ready for her blind date she learns from Nicki about the “transition outfit” and the makeup to go with it.

Talking Makeup got a sneak peek to the following products featured on HSN & FanRocket Faces of Beautiful You-Episode 1 :

Too Faced Naughty Or Nice Collection ($69 Value).

What it is:
A beauty kit of eye shadows and lip gloss that celebrates both sides of your personality.

What it does:
Too Faced’s Naughty or Nice Collection is a dual-sided kit that lets you embrace your inner sinner and saint. Transform yourself into a seductress with the sexy shades-a trio of glosses and shadows-of the ‘Naughty’ palette. For a more demure effect, try the shadows and glosses of the ‘Nice’ Collection for a lighter look. This personality-filled kit’s portable packaging lets you mix sugar and spice on the go!

Talking Makeup’s Review: Can’t go wrong with these classic face flattering eye shadow and lip gloss shades. Too Faced’s Naughty or Nice Collection Kit is small enough to carry in your purse to work and will come in handy when you need a quick change to that very unexpected business dinner. And it even comes with a lip and eye shadow brush. Too Faced has got it right!

Ready To Wear Lash Extension by Philippe Chansel, $22.50:
False eyelashes in a bottle! Enjoy the ease and convenience of Ready To Wear’s Lash Extension. This beauty treatment in black delivers longer, fuller, thicker and healthier-looking lashes in seconds. You receive a .25 oz. bottle.

Ready To Wear Lash Extension Features:

Dry cellulose fibers give you the longest lashes possible without actually applying fake eyelashes. Adds volume and helps strengthen lashes. Simply apply in between coats of mascara. Note: For best results, this product should be used in combination with Ready to Wear Mascara.

Talking Makeup’s Review: Truly an innovative product aimed to give you a false eye lashes look without false eye lashes. Easy to apply, a little bit in between your favorite mascara coats. My lashes got so long that it smudge my mascara above the crease of my eyes, that never happened to me before!

All products mentioned in this post are available on HSN.com!

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