Makeup Tips: All About Foundation With François Nars

Foundation is one of my favorite thing about makeup! I’m all about getting that flawless skin whether naturally with great skin care, or faking it with the perfect foundation. The right foundation has the power to give you an instant makeover and that wow factor. Needless to say, applying foundation is a very important step in my makeup routine.

Here are some foundation tips from top makeup artist and NARS Cosmetics founder, François Nars:

François Nars (left) with model

What is the best way to identify the right foundation for your skin tone?
Natural light! Make sure you are in natural light when choosing a foundation shade. And, it should match perfectly with the base of your neck.

What is the biggest mistake women make when wearing foundation?
Wearing too much foundation or the wrong shade – either too dark or too light. Finding the right shade and right foundation texture is crucial. The skin’s natural highlights should be shining through.

How often/what time of year should a woman have her foundation shade matched?
As often as needed; every time the skin tone changes. You should have several shades of foundation in your makeup wardrobe.

Should a woman own more than one formula /type of foundation? What are the benefits?
Absolutely! Having versatility in your makeup wardrobe is as important as having it in your clothing! Sheer Glow Foundation is great for every day, for a natural fresh finish. Add Sheer Matte Foundation whenever you want a little more coverage, for more of a polished satin finish.

What are some tips for a lighter looking finish on the weekends?
Mix a small amount of foundation in with your skincare cream if you still want coverage. And, try wearing less powder if you wear it on a regular basis. I also recommend using cream eye shadows or sheer lipsticks, or lip glosses. The perfect thing to use is the NARS Multiple—It is sheer, light and can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes!

How important do you feel foundation is to a women’s makeup routine?
It is a base, like the canvas of a painting. It is a must for achieving a flawless complexion.

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NARS Sheer Matte & Sheer Glow Foundation

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