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Last Thursday, April 21st, 2011, I was invited to drybar VIP opening party at Scottsdale Quarter in Scottsdale Arizona. Now, there was a lot of hoopla going on about a ‘possible appearance’ at that same venue of the rumored Bravo’s NEW Real Housewives of Scottsdale. But, sorry Scottsdale, I was the only Scottsdale Housewives there, and no, I’m not married to a former Phoenix Athlete. Yes, and no video cameras either.

Marta Walsh at drybar VIP opening part via Arizona Foothills Magazine

Nonetheless, I had an amazing time at the drybar VIP party which was well done & organized. Fancy & yummy appetizers & h’orderves like chilled gazpacho shooters and Champagne were served. And I didn’t refuse to be photographed for Arizona Foothills Magazine. Why not. I was dressed up with my black BEBE dress and was ready to show off:)

Just in case you noticed my hair. That morning I had a blow out at the drybar in Scottsdale Quarter by a fabulous hair stylist called Tana. She really listen to me and gave me the hairstyle I wanted. Hair parted in the middle and a very smooth & sleek Manhattan style blow out (it’s on the menu I promise). I was serve cucumber water, watched a chick’s flick with Jennifer Aniston & Ben Affleck and even got my iphone charged in a special station all while I was sitting and getting my hair done. For $35 a blow out and an excellent service you can’t go wrong with drybar. Not any more expensive when you get your nails done in a salon. drybar also has gift certificate available, you can bring your girlfriends for a special blowout party & drinks, or buy yourself a membership packages with great savings.

Marta Walsh at drybar VIP Opening Party. Dress by BEBE. Jacket by H&M. Photo by Marta Walsh Talking Makeup Founder & North Scottsdale REALTOR

All in all last Thursday was a great day. I even bumped into my reader fan in the newly opened GAP in Scottsdale Quarter. It was definitely a moment:))

Here are some more pics:

Enjoy a chick’s flick while you get your blowout at drybar

My cucumber water at drybar

drybar Scottsdale…THE menu

Charge your iphone while you get you blow out at drybar Scottsdale..perfect if you’re on a business trip or any trip to Scottsdale:)

My AM started pretty much with a Floater a 10 min scalp massage followed by a Blow out at the drybar in Scottsdale Quarter :))…The evidence..

Marta Walsh at the GAP Scottsdale Quarter & also bumped into my 1st fan reader ever:))

bye bye drybar I will be back:)

***My blow out at drybar was complimentary by drybar****

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