Oscars 2010 Beauty Secrets

Getting glam for the Oscars Red Carpet is never an easy feat! Whether it be getting the perfect ‘do, a clear complexion or a pearly white smile, our beauty insiders have you covered. Below are some tips and tricks used by the celebrities for getting an award winning look:

Award-Winning Hair Style

Iconic hairstylist Oribe recommends: “To add a little shine and sparkle into any Oscars look, I recommend 24K Gold Pomade. It’s a nice unexpected element that will transform your hair into something extraordinary. 24K is rich in ingredients that impart a beautiful sheen to the hair and can be used with a light hand to add glamour to a chignon, bun or any red carpet-worthy style.”

Oribe styled Penelope Cruz’ hair for Oscars 2010

Award-Winning Hair Color

Celebrity Haircolorist Lorri Goddard-Clark recommends: “Before coloring your hair for the big day, make sure you have had your hair freshly cut – this allows your highlights to look like the sun kissed your hair. Always mark your favorite part (side, middle, center, etc.) before highlighting and when applying the color, keep highlights finer near your scalp and heavier at the ends for a more natural appearance. This is sure to keep color bright and vibrant!”

Award-Winning Skin

The New York and Miami-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Brandt recommends: “To look instantly refreshed when hitting the red carpet, use an eye cream with caffeine, such as my flaws no more r3p eye, to constrict blood vessels and eliminate dark circles. Ice packs and green tea will minimize heavy bags and use Hyaluronic Acid-based products to plump the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Award-Winning Smile

The New York-based cosmetic dentists from Lowenberg & Lituchy recommend: “For an award-winning smile when working the cameras, coat teeth with a thin layer of Vaseline. This will make the teeth glisten and appear shiny, especially in photos. It also creates a physical barrier to protect your smile from teeth-staining red wine at the after parties.”

Penelope Cruz Oscars 2010

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