Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Talking Makeup is pleased to present a Smokey Eyes makeup tutorial by the lovely Lois Price who is a student at Staffordshire University in England. I love my UK friends, you know:)

WATCH: Lois giving you tips on how to create a smokey eye look without breaking the bank! “Have fun with it and create similar looks!!” says Lois.

1. Firstly moisture your face and allow it to soak in, then apply a thin layer of foundation onto your face including eye lids- this will help the eye shadow stick and stay on longer

2. Apply a line of eyeliner to the bottom of your eyes to create definition.

3. Next apply the grey shadow to your eyelids- apply as much as you want.

4. Take a defining brush and apply black shadow to the corners of your eyes. This also makes them look larger as well as create our smokey look. Apply lots- don’t worry if it looks messy- it will soon be looking smoking!!!

5. Then take the grey shadow and blend in the black against the grey to create your overall look- add more black if you need to.

6. Apply mascara to the bottom and top lashes- add fake eyelashes if you want- but don’t go overboard as it can look tacky.

7. Apply bronzer and blusher and be sure to dust some around the neck and chest area to blend in the colour of your face and neck- don’t want it to be odd.

8. Finally put a bit of lip balm or foundation on your lips ready for a prolonged duration of lip gloss.

The end result is complete. A quick and easy way to create a perfect smokey look and it doesn’t even cost you much!

Products mentioned in Lois Price’s makeup tutorial:

L’Oreal True Match Foundation- Sand

Boots– Natural Collection Bronzer- Golden Glow, Eyeliner- Black, Lip-gloss -shortcake, Mascara- black

Avon– Gold/turquoise eye shadow, colour pallet brushes- eye shadow and smudge end and all over blusher brush.

Rimmel London– eye shadow- Glitzed.

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