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American Idol’s Allison Iraheta Hair: Get The Look With Nexxus Dualiste

American Idol’s Allison Iraheta’s spotlight may have faded, but her color never will!

While Allison may have not won the American Idol title, she has made a statement that can not be ignored. Allison’s bold hair color and style each week has captivated America’s eye. Even without a team of stylists, you too can pull off vibrant yet healthy colored-hair with a little help from Nexxus Dualiste.

For center stage tresses try Nexxus Dualiste color protection shampoos and conditioners for a flawless look everyday. Nexxus Dualiste comes in three distinct formulas created to protect your color and deliver additional customized benefits such as; Volume, Intense Hydration and Anti-Breakage.

 Nexxus Dualiste Color Protection Intense Hydration