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Smiley Happy Therapy Fragrance

Smiley is the first prescription-free Happy Therapy fragrance concept from the Arthes label, and it is now available in America!

“When you spray it, it makes you smile. It has a very citrusynote, a bright and shiny-fresh feeling.”-Ron Robinson (Fred Segal’s master of artisanalfragrances) on Smiley, in LA Times article featuring his favorite fragrances.

Smiley perfume was developed by perfumer Jean Pierre Bethouart and it is suitable for both men and women, hence unisex.

Smiley fragrance and body line offers a full range of products with micro-nutrients to activate happiness, a therapy to lift your mood. It is a fun concept with innovative pharmaceutical inspired packaging, designed by French artist ORA-ÏTO. WARNING: Side effects may include excessive spending from Smiley customers.

How does it work? The formula is based on natural bio chemistry, combining the monoaminated alkaloids Theobromineand Phenylethylaminederived from pure cocoa extract. Theobromine:blocks the receivers of adrenalin that create stress. Phenylethylamine:has euphoric properties, sets off a feeling of joy and excitement. Result: It makes you feel happyandrelaxed, naturally making you smile!