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Kate Hudson on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar January 2008 Edition

Kate Hudson is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar January 2008 edition!

Kate Hudson is looking very model thin on this cover (real or photoshopped, you decide, hehe).

Let’s talk about Kate Hudson’s hair and makeup look on the cover of the 2009 UK Harper’s Bazaar cover : soft smoky eyes achieved by a black purple eye liner (try MAC Cosmetics Eye Liner in Black Raven). Flawless complexion, and very natural lips, I’m not even sure Kate Hudson is wearing any lipstick or a lip gloss! Cheeks are accented softly with a neutral tone.

Kate Hudson’s hair is on the short side, just a little bit over her shoulders. Looks like short hair is in girls!

All in all, Kate Hudson is looking very pretty and very chic.

What do you think, is Kate Hudson’s looks are 100% real on this cover or she is slightly photoshopped?