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Edward Tricomi Cuts My Hair Backstage at Luca Luca

Watch Marta’s video blog for today showing off her new hair cut by Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salons, backstage at Luca Luca New York Fashion Week 2009 at the Warren Tricomi The Plaza.

I got the names wrong: I just met with “Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi”, I hear I’m not the only one who get them mixed up, lol. My apologies in advance:)

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Warren Tricomi New York The Plaza

On my recent trip to New York city for fashion week I stopped by at the Warren Tricomi salon at The Plaza Hotel. The salon is just beautiful! I was there to cover hair and makeup for the Luca Luca fashion show for Fall 2009.

I met Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren which was quite a thrill for me.

Joel Warren (left) & Edward Tricomi (right) owners of Warren Tricomi Salons.
Photo Credit: Amber Rima McLinn, Amber Rima Photography

After I was introduced to Edward Tricomi I asked Edward if he approved my hairstyle. Edward examined my hair for few seconds and asked if he can fix my haircut because “it just doesn’t flow”. His assistant blew dry my hair and prepared it for that one in a lifetime haircut opportunity with Edward Tricomi. There I was getting my hair done by Edward Tricomi.

Edward Tricomi pulling Marta’s hair after her unforgettable haircut with him
at the Warren Tricomi New York at The Plaza Hotel 2/16/2009.
Photo Credit: Amber Rima McLinn.

Needless to say, Edward Tricomi did an amazing job! I LOVE how he fixed the pieces that frame my face. Although I chopped by hair right before New York Fashion Week about 6 inches (yes!!!) and I needed some time to get used to my new look, I was very pleased with my new hair. Before Edward Tricomi said goodbye to me he told me that he “cuts hair dry”!