Ann Taylor Fall 2010 Presentation Hair by CUTLER

Last Thursday, March 25th, 2010, Rodney Cutler and his team of amazing stylists created the “undone pony” for the Ann Taylor Fall 2010 presentation at the Ace Hotel, with celebrity guests Rachel Bilson and Christina Hendricks in attendance. Rodney and his team just worked on over 30 shows during Fashion Week for Fall 2010.

The hairstyle and Inspiration: 20’s Parisian Lounge. “We wanted the hair to look finished and polished, yet loosely deconstructed,” says Rodney Cutler, lead stylist and owner of Cutler/Redken salons.

Hair Tutorial: Cutler’s how-to steps and product recommendations to create the Ann Taylor Fall 2010 Presentation hairdo

1. Spray Cutler Volumizing Spray on hair and blow dry to give hair some texture

2. Set hair with a medium curling iron and spray Redken Workforce 09, then rake through with hands

3. Pull the hair into a semi-tight ponytail and create a bit of lift at the crown, giving the look a chic shape

4. Pull out a few face framing pieces to give it an un-done look

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  1. Wow..Emma does indeed look fab. She has a whole ctesolful of different hair styles that she wears. We guess it’s based on what she thinks is hot and is gonna do for the day. Work, play..Just kick back. Great post! Thanks for the scoop!:)

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