How To Get Taylor Swift’s Soft Tousled Updo

Tracy Guthrie, top Redken stylist, finalist for the prestigious North American Hair Stylist Award, and ULTA Salon at Miami Creative Manager, shares with us some tips on how to re-create Taylor Swift’s Soft Tousled Updo.

To create a soft tousled updo just like Taylor Swift’s, first work a small amount of styling cream evenly through dry hair from roots to fingertips. Separate hair into four sections and curl with a large barrel curling iron. Gather hair up into a loose pony tail, twist and secure with bobby pin at the nape of your neck, leaving the ends un-pinned. Twist individual pieces of unpinned hair, securing each section with a new bobby pin. Once hair is in place gently loosen curls on either side to frame the face. Give hair one last sprits of hairspray before your look is complete.

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