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Hilary Duff’s Hair

Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist Marcus Francis chopped off three inches of Hilary Duff’s hair last week, creating a blunt “lob,” or long bob, that will be popping up on the scene this summer as the cut to flaunt during the warmer months. Check out the photos below to see the transformation in action!

“The cut is slightly angled with a shorter length in the back than the front for a chic, edgy finish,” says Marcus.

Hilary Duff's hair

Hilary Duff’s hair

Hilary Duff's hair

Hilary Duff’s hair

Thinking about making a change for summer? Check out Marcus’ tips below:

What should women ask for at the salon that want this cut?

A long bob that hits the collarbone when hair is dry. It’s ever so slightly shorter in the back at a 25 degree angle, and has a more blunt cut on the ends.

Malin Akerman And Kristen Bell at the “Couples Retreat” Premiere

Malin Akerman and Kristen Bell were seen at the premiere of  the new film “Couples Retreat” in Germany.

We have two blondes (see image below) with two different hairdos. Which celebrity hairdo is your favorite? Do you prefer Kristen Bell’s soft waves or Malin Akerman’s super straight LOB aka long bob?

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