HerCut The First-Ever Haircare For Your Haircut

HerCut the first-ever haircare for your haircut, not your hair type? What?! Read more.

Remember the last time you got an amazing haircut? Your stylist nailed the look, capturing your personality in the cut. Every hair fell into place just so, and you left the salon walking on air. Fast-forward to your first shampoo—how did your style stand up without the stylist?

It doesn’t take an expert to maintain straight-from-the-salon style—it takes products that support your cut. HerCut introduces the first hair care line designed to keep first-day haircut performance alive by catering to the needs of specific haircuts rather than specific hair types.

“Every time you get a haircut, you’re making a huge investment—both emotionally and financially,” explains Bob Salem, HerCut creator CEO and founder of Blue Space Brands. “HerCut empowers you to protect that investment, not only by preserving the impact of your cut but also by enabling you to fully embrace the personality of the style.”

“It’s an industry secret that there are really five essential hair styles that all stylists master during their training,” adds HerCut Brand Ambassador and Emmy Award-winner Kyan Douglas. “No matter what your hair type, your stylist uses the same techniques to create your signature style. Maintaining that look is about using products tailored to the cut, not the hair itself. For the first time, HerCut offers products that bring out the best in every cut, giving you flawless style long after you leave the salon.”

Created to address the five major categories of haircut—the bob, the pixie, the shag, the blunt cut and long layers—HerCut employs “catalysts” that work on a molecular level to ensure that hair conforms to your cut, picking up where your stylist leaves off. The catalysts are customized to meet the specific needs of every cut (i.e., weighted, forward motion for bobs and controlled separation for shags) to maximize every style regardless of hair type.

Each of the five fundamental styles has its own customized heat-activated catalyst that promotes the right behavior for the corresponding cut:


The Personality: From flappers and suffragettes to mod icons, this timeless style always makes a statement.
The Style: This forward-flowing angular cut utilizes clean geometric lines to delicately define the shape of the face.
The Science: The Bob Catalyst utilizes patent-pending Tumbling Polymer Technology to anchor the ends of the cut, weighting hair to encourage forward momentum and showcasing the clean, precise exterior of the bob.


The Personality: The gamine, the tomboy and the pixie—rebels and rule-breakers, baby dolls and independents.
The Style: This cropped, tailored cut is short on length and long on options—wear it smooth and sleek or deliberately tousled.
The Science: The Pixie Catalyst utilizes patent-pending D3 Polymer Technology to create a strong yet flexible mesh that loosely connects hair, providing versatile hold that allows you to shape, contour and texture with total control.


The Personality: Rebel with a cause célèbre, she rocks, rolls, and never falls flat. Always edgy, never hard, the shag has many layers.
The Style: This casual, spontaneous, heavily layered cut has multi-dimensional texture with playful movement.
The Science: The Shag Catalyst utilizes patent-pending Ionicon Polymer Technology that creates separation and weight dispersion through negatively charged macromolecules that repel each other and create controlled separation.


The Personality: Indie, alternative and trailblazing, on the edge but forever insider.
The Style: This precision cut is typified by an even, unified length from root to end, with clean lines and blunt edges for a sleek silhouette.
The Science: The Blunt Catalyst employs patent-pending Compress-Ion Polymer Technology to form a crystal-clear matrix around each hair fiber and compress it while forming bridges between hair fibers to ensure that they move in unison and always appear freshly cut.


The Personality: Femme fatale, bombshell or beauty queen, this style beckons with sweet yet seductive allure.
The Style: Luxe layers stay connected and never fall flat, cascading from the crown to the full length of the haircut.
The Science: The Long Layers Catalyst utilizes patent-pending Spring Polymer Technology that creates flexible connections between layers via coil shaped molecules, fostering delicately bouncy hair that moves together.

To maximize the effects of the catalysts in catering to each fundamental style, HerCut offers a collection of sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners to create complete, customized regimens for every cut:

Normal-Oily Shampoo: Designed for straight to wavy cuts, this daily shampoo maximizes true color vibrancy while strengthening the roots to support the weight of the cut and maintain its intended cut.

Normal-Dry Shampoo: Developed to make all cuts look their best with use every other day, this shampoo protects color while supporting the shape of every cut.

Dry Hair Shampoo: Designed for twice-a-week use, this shampoo for all cuts nourishes and protects color to bring out the best in every cut.

Light Conditioner: Developed for fine hair and/or single-processed hair, this color-protecting conditioner weightlessly improves fiber elasticity to support every haircut shape,
absorbing immediately and rinsing without leaving residue.

Medium Conditioner: Developed for medium hair texture that’s single processed and medium hair textures with highlights or lowlights, this nourishing, smoothing conditioner infuses
hair with healthy moisture, absorbing instantly and protecting color.

Deep Conditioner: Developed for coarse, damaged or chemically treated hair, this deep conditioner instantly softens, smoothes and repairs, weightlessly improving elasticity and absorbing instantly to protect color and support hair shape.

SRP: Catalysts, $28 each; Shampoos and Conditioners, $22 each

Available: Currently available at Sephora.com; available at Sephora stores beginning February 2010

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