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Hollywood Finish a Luxury Line of Shower Products by Celebrity Photographer John Russo

John Russo Celebrity Photographer Launches Hollywood Finish:Celebrity photographer John Russo launches Hollywood Finish, a luxury line of shower products; currently including shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. As the line is still growing with a variety of products, the creative use of organic colors, clean packaging and fresh scents such as “Soy and Olive”, “Capri” and John’s personal favorite, “Kumquat Sage”, truly captivate the products and their purpose for providing luminous sexy hair.

Celebrity Photographer John Russo.

Among the many beauty products that are available, Hollywood Finish raises the bar with its chic, high-end look, classy one-of-a-kind scents, and beautiful results that the product delivers. Having traveled the world and stayed at the most luxurious hotels, John Russo has seen and used only the best products out there; which sparked the interest to create his own.

With years of testing and experimenting an eclectic range of scents and ingredients, John has introduced Hollywood Finish for those seeking the stylish “Hollywood look”. Having impressive credentials as one of the top celebrity photographers of the world, John Russo is no stranger to the beautiful lifestyle of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. With credits for shooting the covers of magazines such as VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Glamour and GQ, celebrities such as Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Kristin Davis, and many others put their trust in his name and artistic abilities.