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Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Eau De Parfum

Now testing Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Eau De Parfum. If you’re into that sugar, fresh, just out of the shower kinda of scents then this one is for you. You definitely smell the top notes of Blackberry & Vanilla Musk in the beginning and then it dries down to a bit more floral thanks to its white rose note. This perfume is mostly warm and sugary with just a little bit of floral a good balance if you’re not too much into floral scents.

Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Eau De Parfum, 0.5 oz $42.00, 1.7 oz $68.00.

Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and select Nordstrom and Parisian. Bloomingdale’s, Henri Bandel’s, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Harvey Nichols in London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Birmingham, England.

Trish McEvoy Precious Oud Eau de Parfum

Precious Oud, the mysterious, provocative fragrance by Trish McEvoy, is an intoxicating blend of oud essence infused with incense, patchouli, natural sandalwood, rose, musk and amber.

Like every piece in Trish McEvoy’s unique fragrance wardrobe, Precious Oud can be layered with any Trish fragrance for an array of spellbinding, customized scents. SRP: $100.


How To Get Bethenny Frankel’s Sexy Long Eye Lashes

In my recent interview with beautiful Bethenny Frankel who also happens to be a very talented natural food chef to the stars, she revealed to me the secret to her long sexy eye lashes.

Bethenny Frankel Celebrity Natural Food Chef.

Bethenny Frankel is a natural food chef to celebrities like: Mariska Hargitay, Alicia Silverstone, and Paris Hilton. Bethenny was also one of 16 candidates on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and appears on Bravo’s the Real Housewives of New York City.

The cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives New York City.

“…I use Revlon $3 gold eye lash curler which has a coil spring on it. That’s better than all these $50 ones. And I use Trish McEvoy mascara, it is really good”.


Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown Design Havaianas for Charity:Water

Makeup artists Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown design limited edition Havaianas benefiting charity: water.

charity: water
charity: water.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Havaianas announce the launch of “Beauty Splash,” an exclusive collection to benefit charity: water. In stores for the month of June, a collaboration between Havaianas and the three most celebrated women in beauty – Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown – will be featured. Whereas typically the face is the canvas on which these artists work, Havaianas has provided them the opportunity to express their inspiration for summer on a whole new surface.

Working closely with the Havaianas design team, each woman was invited to translate her artistic sensibility for the season into a pair of the brand’s signature must-have sandals.

Trish McEvoy wanted to bring to her sandal design the feeling of a walk on the beach-her favorite way to relax. “My colors this season brighten your complexion and call to mind the deep blues of the ocean, the pearlescent shades inside a seashell, and the glitter of the sand-taking you on an instant vacation.”

New-Trish McEvoy Even Skin Glycolic Wash

To all the glycolic wash lovers, here are some great news: Trish McEvoy Even Skin Glycolic Wash

Trish McEvoy Even Skin Glycolic Wash 

This glycolic wash by Trish McEvoy is gentle, it exfoliates, and it removes makeup, pore-clogging oils and environmental debris. Trish McEvoy Even Skin Glycolic Wash is formulated by NYC dermatologist Dr. Ronald Sherman and Trish McEvoy. Price: $19.  

Trish McEvoy Deluxe Power Of Brushes Set

Check out Trish McEvoy Deluxe Power Of Brushes Set in a zebra patterned calf skin brush case.  It  contains these limited edition brushes:  Deluxe Blending Brush, Deluxe Tapered Blending Brush, Deluxe Eye Definition Duo Brush, Deluxe Eye Contour Brush, Deluxe Even Skin Correct & Blend Duo Brush, Deluxe Lip Brush. 

Trish McEvoy Deluxe Power Of Brushes Set

Trish McEvoy designed each of the hand-crafted brushes to deliver the best makeup application.  Cost: $275. Trish McEvoy Deluxe Power Of Brushes Set goes very well with Trish McEvoy Makeup Brush cleaner, $18.

Trish McEvoy Deluxe Power Of Brushes Set

Extra Coverage Concealer Duo By Trish McEvoy

Extra Coverage Concealer Duo by Trish McEvoy is a beauty secret for many celebrities and was seen used on Heidi Klum in InStyle magazine.  If you want to banish under-eye circles, even out skin discoloration, and camouflage blemishes with this powerful extra-coverage concealer then use this fabolous concealer.  Extra Coverage Concealer Duo comes in three beautiful shades:  Honey, Beige, and Porcelain.  Cost: $32. 

Extra Coverage Concealer Duo By Trish McEvoy