Lauren Luke YouTube’s Makeup Tutorials Guru Interviews With Marta Walsh

I’m very excited to bring to you an interview I did with Lauren Luke YouTube’s makeup tutorials guru who has been watched by 39 million viewers!

Lauren Luke interviewed with me for Talking Makeup’s celebrity beauty section:

Lauren Luke is a self-taught makeup guru watched by 39 million on her YouTube channel.

Growing up in the proud yet humble English town of South Shields, Lauren posted her first tutorial on YouTube just 18 months ago. The 27-year-old single mother started posting the videos to enhance her gig selling makeup on Ebay – an opportunity she seized so she could quit her job as a taxi dispatcher and spend more time with her then 9 -year-old son, Jordan.

Lauren Luke was called “The World’s Most Popular Makeup Artist” by the BBC, her new color cosmetics line By Lauren Luke launched on April 27th, 2009 and the rest is history.

In this interview Lauren Luke talks to Marta Walsh about how it all began for her with makeup. Her New Makeup line: By Lauren Luke and the inspiration behind it. Her feelings about becoming famous. Her philosophy about beauty and future plans.

Marta Walsh: When did your fascination with makeup begin? Did you ever have a formal training in makeup?
Lauren Luke: It started when I was 13. I wanted to be a bit prettier at school to fit in. I was inspired by Bob Ross who is a painter. Because I love color, I attached to it quickly. I never had any formal training.

MW: What compelled you to do makeup tutorials on You Tube?
LL: There was nothing exciting about the way that I started. It was a hobby. No one took it serious. They all wondered what I was doing. I just wanted to show people what I knew. Luckily, people wanted to watch which spurred me to do more.

MW: Why do you think your makeup tutorials received such great response?
LL: Because they are real. People see me as I am. In real life. I try and be as honest as I can. I am not intimidating looking, nothing to be jealous of. People have said ‘you’re very approachable’.

MW: How did you go about creating By Lauren Luke makeup line? Where did you find the inspiration for the collection?
LL: Because of my love of color, I didn’t find it hard. Once I’d picked up the colors, I could dream up a story around them.

MW: What is unique about By Lauren Luke makeup line?
LL: It’s a brand with a difference. There’s no lies and you can see the truth behind the tutorials.

MW: Which some new makeup collections are you obsessing on adding to By Lauren Luke makeup line? What LL: do we expect to see from By Lauren Luke in the upcoming seasons?

MW: What great lesson have you learned from your journey of becoming a great success in the makeup and beauty industry?
LL: Each day, I’m learning how to apply makeup better. I am still teaching myself.

MW: How would you describe your transition from being a private person to a public person watched by 39 million? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?
LL: When you’re an average person looking into the world of celebrity, it looks attractive and glittery. But, it’s hard work and leaves you feeling lonely at times because you’re so far away from home. I still don’t consider myself famous. I just feel different than I did before.

MW: Which celebrity you would love to do makeup for and why?
LL: I would give Simon Cowell the guyliner treatment.

MW: What is your philosophy about beauty?
LL: Once you’ve cracked what you feel about yourself in your head, the beauty will emulate out.

MW: What one or two things some people may not know about Lauren Luke?
LL: They know it all because it’s in my videos. My videos are very transparent. What you see is what you get.

MW: What’s next for Lauren Luke?
LL: Well, if it all goes well, I want to venture out into other things that will make people feel amazing.

It was a pleasure to interview Lauren make sure you check out her new makeup line and of course for her world famous tutorials subscribe to her channel on

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