Propr Fall 2009 Show Hair by Avon Advance Techniques

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Proper: Hair by Avon Advance Techniques.

Propr Fall 2009 – THE LOOK:

Avon Advance Techniques Global Stylist Advisors Allen Ruiz and Anthony Barrow together with Novice Fashion Designers David Arquette and Ben Harper, created the hair look for the Propr Fall 2009 Show at Highline Ballroom for Fashion Week.

David Arquette and Ben Harper.

Named North American Hairdresser of the Year in 2007, and the “Best Latino Hair Stylists in America” by Latina magazine, Allen Ruiz, Avon’s Global Style Advisor, takes us through the styles created on the models (ladies and gents), as well as a sampling of the products he used to achieve the easy, effortless looks.

David Arquette.

Inspiration for the Look: The look mirrors the Propr collection, a wearable, 60’s inspired vintage collection for men and woman. The hair was created to enhance the beauty and texture of natural hair.

-The 10 men and 10 woman models were able to customize their own individual look for the show.
-Hair was created to enhanced their natural and organic texture, just like the clothing.

Each look for the show was different; therefore we broke down each hair type and paired it with the appropriate Advance Techniques product to help you at home achieve the look.

Curly Hair: Allen used ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Volumizing Mousse to keep curly hair soft and bouncy.

Unruly Hair: To keep static down Allen sprayed ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Mirror Shine Spray to softena and condition unruly hair. To Hold Hair in Place: Allen created a firm hold on hair without the sticky gunkly build up using ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Hair Spray.

Straight Hair: Allen used ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Super Straight Smoothing Balm. This helped eliminte frizz and flyaways to create a sleek look after using a hair straightener.

Damaged Hair: Allen used ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Anti-Frizz Capsules to help tame and smoothe frizz to keep hair looking flowy, healthy and shiny .

Dry Hair: Allen applied ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Dry Ends Serum into his palms concentrating on the ends of the hair , to seal and moisturize dry ends.

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