Take Your Look from Work to Party Chic in 5 Minutes Flat

Quick Tips from Antonio Prieto Take Your Look from Work to Party Chic in 5 Minutes Flat.

Renowned stylist Antonio Prieto offers quick tips to change your look in minutes. Whether going on a date or to a holiday party, these fast, easy tricks will leave you (or at least your hair) ready for anything!

Short Hair: Pomade is key. A look like Victoria Beckham’s may be slightly unkempt during the day but in the evening quickly be made sleek and pieced out with pomade.

Medium Hair: Hot rollers or a curling iron will do the trick. This look on Katherine Heigl can be done before work with either and pulled back to a low bun during the day. When ready to leave the office the bun can be removed and hair can be shaken out, still retaining the curl from the rollers.

Long Hair: Hair accessories are the answer. A simple classic ponytail, such as the look on Ali Larter, can be made more sophisticated for evening with a fancy hair pin or clip. Keep the ponytail low for a more classic and evening look.

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