Avon Fashion Week Stylist Anthony Barrow Interviews With Marta Walsh

Couple of weeks ago I was given an amazing opportunity to interview Avon’s Fashion Week Stylist Anthony Barrow. In this interview Anthony talks to me about his beginnings as a top hair stylist, his experience appearing on Bravo’s hit series “Make me a Super Model“, Fall’s Hottest Hair Styling Trends, and future plans.

Marta Walsh: When did your fascination for hair design begin?
Anthony Barrow: My fascination for hair design started when I was at art school when I met a group of visiting cosmetology students.

MW: How did you get your first big break as a professional hairdresser? What were some of your most memorable celebrity collaborations?
AB: My first big break was the British Hairdressing Awards. Some of the most memorable collaborations were with Juliette Binoche and Ozzy Osbourne.

MW: What is your main philosophy regarding hair & beauty?
AB: It has to be beautiful, no matter how extreme!

MW: What are some of the hottest fall hair trends?
AB: Classic shapes with modern textures and accent colors will be popular this fall.

MW: Which hair styling tools and products are must-have to achieve some of the hairstyles we are going to see this coming fall?
AB: Everyone should have Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray and a flat iron.

MW: How can we repair our hair from summer damage and prepare it for fall? And which tips can you share with us for summer hair color SOS?
AB: Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Collection is a great way to restore the lost moisture from the Summer. A deep cleanse will also help remove the chlorine that has built up in the hair. If you prefer a salon remedy, semi-permanent glazes will help even out the fading caused by the sun and add shine.

MW: For the women on the run, and for times it’s so humid outside, which 10 minute hairstyles can save our day?
AB: Work with your natural texture whenever possible, being sure to use the right products and smoothing the surface. Take the path of least resistance and celebrate your individuality!

MW: I’m a huge Avon Advanced Techniques Dry Ends Serum: What is the best way to use it on hair to get the best results?
AB: I’m a huge fan as well! I like to add it to the hair when wet and then again when it’s dry. It is best to apply the product a little at a time so you don’t overload the hair.

MW: What was your experience like appearing on Bravo’s hit series “Make me a Super Model”, are there any other TV shows you would like to participate?
AB: Being on “Make Me a Super Model” was great fun even though you are under so much pressure! I think being on “What Not to Wear” would be fun as well!

MW: What is the best part being Avon’s top hair stylist during New York Fashion Week and the London Ready-to-Wear shoes?
AB: The best part is the initial test where I meet the designer and create the look. I also enjoy the teamwork backstage and the intense energy of getting the job done…

MW: What projects are you working on these days and what’s next for Anthony Barrow?
AB: I just finished working with Avon on their Fall 2009 Trend Report and now I am getting ready for the Spring 2010 shows.

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