How To Get Kirsten Dunst’s Hairstyle at the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards

The other day Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothing Creme from Pantene’s Smooth Vitality hair care line saved my hair. I was swimming a lot lately and spent some time in the sun with my guests from England.  All which took a toll on my hair. I needed to add back moisture and silkiness to my hair. Right after I washed my hair and towel dried it. I applied a small amount of Pantene’s smoothing creme on the the ends and very lightly on the top part of my hair. Remember: Do not apply on roots. Conditioners tend to weigh down hair if applied roots. I then blow dried my hair like usual. I could finally brush my hair with my fingers for the first time, in weeks:)

I attended the Pantene special meeting with Hallie Bowman, Pantene’s Expert Celebrity Stylist, last week watching her transform everyday women into red carpet divas in minutes just using Pantene products. Think about it,  Hallie styled many celebrities, such as: Liv Tyler, Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Keri Russell. So if Pantene is good enough for these celebs then probably it’s good enough for you.

Hallie’s philosophy on hair: You don’t have to spend million bucks to look like million bucks. Invest in high quality styling tools and save your money on styling and hair care products.

Kirsten Dunst sporting the latest red carpet hairstyles: The Mixed Textured Chignon

Hallie even told us that Kirsten Dust loved Pantene’s Texture Spray Wax after Hallie used it on her hair for for the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards. The spray was used on Kirsten to get one of the hottest hair trends or looks on the red carpet: The Mixed Textured Chignon. The spray was used ro create volume at the top of the hair.

The key to getting The Mixed Textured Chignon: Instead of smoothing the front part of your hair tight to your scalp, you actually leave the short part of your hair around the face loose and wavy, while the back is in a soft chignon.

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