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REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES in association with CBS Outdoor

Reynolds & Associates in association with CBS Outdoor is now offering outdoor advertising. Reynolds & Associates offers advertising production and ad placement through CBS Outdoors. You can now have your campaign, brand or company get advertising placement on Billboards, Transit, Buses, Mobile, Digital and so much more.

Reynolds & Associates is the one stop shop meeting all of your advertising and multimedia needs. Visit Reynolds & Associates to find out more and get a free consultation today!

FASHION & STYLE Presents CitySlips and AfterSoles

Watch FASHION & STYLE with guest hosts Katie Shea and Susie Levitt of “CitySlips & AfterSoles“. Katie and Susie both give a introduction and brand demonstrations on “CitySlips & AfterSoles”. CitySlips are foldable ballet flats for the well-heeled gal on the go! AfterSoles are rollable, portable, ballet flats for the dance floor diva. Visit CitySlips at  & Visit AfterSoles at . FASHION & STYLE is brought to you by Reynolds & Associates. Visit Reynolds & Associates at

Katie Shea and Susie Levitt of “CitySlips & AfterSoles”

FASHION & STYLE Presents Claudiae Fall 2010 Fashion Show

Watch FASHION & STYLE at the Claudiae Fall 2010 Fashion Show in NYC. Natascha Bessez talks with designer Claudia of Claudiae. Natascha also talked to guests that attended the show such as actor Tobias Truvillion from the movie Brooklyn’s Finest and Marta Walsh (that’s ME:) of and FASHION & STYLE is brought to you by Reynolds & Associates. Visit Reynolds & Associates at We love Reynolds 🙂

L to R: Marta Walsh and actor Tobias Truvillion (Tobias is so hot right now:)

Designer Claudia of Claudiae

FASHION & STYLE Interview with Marta Walsh

I’m SO excited to share with you my interview with FASHION & STYLE and their fabulous host Natascha Bessez! Executive Producer Robert Reynolds delivers yet another segment of FASHION & STYLE featuring my first ever on camera interview! Robert is brilliant at video production and I’m a big fan. Visit his official website at  Reynolds & Associates to learn more about him and his company.

L to R: Marta Walsh and FASHION&STYLE host Natascha Bessez

FASHION & STYLE: Interview with actor Tobias Truvillion

Watch FASHION & STYLE with host Robert Reynolds as he interviews actor Tobias Truvillion. Many of you may know Tobias from playing the character Vincent Jones on ABC’sOne Life To Live“. Tobias talks about his career, inspirations and his role in the new movie “Brooklyn’s Finest” – Launch Date: March 2010. FASHION & STYLE is brought to you by Reynolds & Associates.

Tobias Truvillion
Tobias Truvillion

FASHION & STYLE Presents NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 09

Thanks to Robert Reynolds at Reynolds & Associates Talking Makeup is able to bring to you a sneak peek to NOLCHA Fashion Week New York 2009, a BJ Coleman of the Coleman Entertainment Group event.

NOLCHA promotes emerging and independent fashion designers from all over the world. This year NOLCHA showcased 50 brands! Check them out at: and at

Executive Producer Robert Reynolds and video courtesy of Reynolds & Associates

In this video:
Kerry Bannigan, CEO of Nolcha
Designer: Jorge Afandor. Brand: Afandor
Designer: Emily Brickel. Brand: Rock Hard Atelier
Designer: Buffi Jashanmal. Brand: Quiet Riot
Lynn Furge, Creative Director for Nolcha

Marta Walsh founder & editor of photographed with BJ Coleman of of the Colman Entertainment group at Nolcha Fashion Week, New York 09

I also attended NOLCHA Fashion Week last week during my visit for New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. The two events happened simultaneously. I was so busy running around the tents and backstage of the shows at the New York  Fashion Week, but I made sure to stop by upper east side at the NOLCHA Fashion Week and to meet BJ Coleman. As soon as I walked in the Bohemian National Hall, located at 321 East 73rd I saw BJ Coleman and introduced myself. I told BJ that I couldn’t travel all the way to NYC and miss his event! I

Robert Reynolds of Reynolds & Associates photographed with Marta Walsh

Elykssor Campaign Image Leak & Sneak Peek Video

Style Interviews got their hands on one image from the 9 page campaign story for the Elykssor, a clothing brand coming with men’s and women’s collections. Reynolds & Associates produced the Elykssor Campaign and also created their website. Elykssor Campaign’s Art Director was Robert Reynolds.

Style Interviews contact at Reynolds & Associates leaked the story out to first!

Photo credit: by photographer Peter Bissell

Elykssor Campaign’s theme was based on Robert Reynold’s original idea and concept interpreting Elykssor’s theory of Elykssor being a lifestyle. Their slogan is: Prolong Life. Reynolds also produced the campaign which is aimed to reach a wide demographic of men & women from the ages 18-35. For this shoot he wanted to express the lifestyle of Elykssor can be worn on any occasion. As you see in this image (above) a couple out for dinner or a night on the town wearing Elykssor.

Stanley Adams Interviews With Marta Walsh

I’ve recently interviewed fashion designer Stanley Adams during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 for Style Interviews! Here it is:

During New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 I’ve had an amazing opportunity to attend the Stanley Adams Carr Haus (if the walls could talk..) fashion show and even got to interview him.

I also met and interviewed some guests of Stanley Adam’s show, such as: Stacey McKenzie, Myron Christian, and Robert Reynolds.

Stanley Adams’ desire to enter the fashion world began with his fascination with Parisian houses of Dior, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino, and Christian Lacroix. Stanley Adams Couture is designed for the upscale workingwoman, she loves to dress simple but attractive. Stanley Adams Couture is available by appointment only with plans to launch in high-end boutiques in the U.S. this fall.

In this interview Stanley Adams talks about presenting his Fall 2009 collection in New York City, his inspiration for the collection, Charlize Theron as one of his ideal celebrities to wear his designs, and future plans.

Stacey McKenzie is Canadian fashion model, runway coach and most recently a model coach and judge on the Canadian reality television show Canada’s Next Top Model.