Tune In: Dr. Adrienne Denese Launches 4 New Products on QVC TONIGHT!

Tune in to the QVC on Saturday, April 4th at midnight (late night Friday TONIGHT) for the launch of 4 new products from Dr. Adrienne Denese, renowned anti-aging skincare specialist! Don’t miss this!!!

Dr. Denese products contain the best and most advanced scientific formulas in the highest possible percentages, delivering breakthrough anti-aging prescriptions with cutting edge ingredients such as CoQ10, retinol, peptides and amino acids while using state of the art technology.

Dr. Denese is not only a medical doctor who specializes in anti-aging, but has become the only female scientist in this field. Dr. Adrienne Denese developed a vast body of knowledge of what the skin requires to look young. She launched Dr. Denese SkinScience exclusively on QVC so that she could share her scientific findings with consumers at an affordable price point. “Not only do I use the most advanced active ingredients but that have been clinically proven to work, I use far high concentrations of them in the skincare products I create than the more expensive products.” Dr. Adrienne Denese.

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Dr. Denese’s SkinScience will launch four innovative new products on QVC April 3rd Friday at midnight. Each product offers breakthrough technology with added benefits to the skin. Dr. Denese’s products contain the best and most advanced scientific ingredients in the highest possible percentages.

Glow Younger Self Tanner The first Self Tanner with Pro Peptide Technology:

• Unique, proprietary technology that provides true color of tan with no orange hue that you find in nearly all other self tanners
• Clear self tanner, based on advanced peptide technology, addresses lines and wrinkles in addition to giving you a gorgeous glow
• No smell whatsoever
• Genuinely good for your facial skin: softens lines and wrinkles, based on hydration
• Feel the hydration as soon as you apply Glow Younger

Science of Youth 15 day Skin Boost Program:
A 2 phase concentrated program that delivers high performance results and boosts any skincare regimen
• Phase 1 Advanced Encapsulated Firming Retinol Technology: a unique and exclusive complex of encapsulated retinol technology that delivers superior benefits to help soften deep, visible lines and wrinkles, to re-texturize the skin, and to help make a visible difference in skin quality.
• Phase 2 Advanced Pro Peptide Firming Technology that uses the combination of five advanced peptides in very high percentages with ceramides and olive oil to firm, to tighten and to define the appearance of your skin and further diminish the look of lines and wrinkles, including deeper expression lines.
• After the 15 day program return to a normal skin care regimen.
• Incorporate into any skincare regimen 4 times a year

A Fragrance named: Beyond Ageless Dr Adrienne Denese: Beyond Ageless is designed to be anti aging aromatics for your entire being.

• Through Dr Denese’s studies of pheromones and aromatics this fragrance has a function and a purpose: it is to convey a sense of well being, a sense of joy, boundless of energy and confidence.
• It is a contemporary, invigorating fragrance with a harmonious blend of fresh, energizing, clean, uplifting sensations that leave you feeling youthful, joyful, ageless and confident.
• This is your morning fragrance, we can all use a little lift as the day begins
• 1.7oz EDP Fragrance

Wrinkle RX Pro Peptide Gel with Stem Bio Technology 1.7oz: Nightly extreme gel that delivers three innovative technologies in one.
• Pro Peptide Factor technology: multiple peptides in very high percentages to help dramatically soften and level the appearance of visible, deep, defined lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions.
• Stem Cell Bio-technology helps infuse the skin with botanical Stem Cells to firm and define the face and enhance the quality and look of the skin.
• Brand new stabilized Vitamin C ingredient at a remarkably high (15%) percentage brightens, firms, and tones your skin; softens the look of lines and stimulates your skin’s own collagen making machinery.
• This combination of technologies targets two major problems that make the face look older: (1) the lack of definition to the face that comes with age and (2) deep, visible lines and wrinkles.
• The unique, light weight gel delivery assures better permeation

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