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Charlotte Ronson Beauty Collection to Debut at Sephora

Designer, style setter and fixture on the NYC fashion scene, Charlotte Ronson is known for her “effortlessly chic” downtown aesthetic and has firmly established herself as a fashion icon for the unique modern woman. This September, she translates her fashion philosophy into a new lifestyle beauty collection presented exclusively at Sephora: Charlotte Ronson Beauty.

“I’ve created this beauty collection for girls who believe that less is more: they love beauty products, but keep their routine relatively uncomplicated for a natural, effortless look…

Gillette Venus ProSkin

I’m very loyal to the Gillette brand. In fact when I took my Business Management class as a Business student in NYU STERN School of Business years ago I was fascinated with the Gillette story. Secretly, I wish I could invented anything as brilliant as a simple shaving razor (for real, wish I was Gillette). I’ve been giving the Gillette Venus ProSkin a go on and off for some quite some time now. I try it, I switch to others brands (and I’m not naming any names), then comeback, then switch again. Here’s some focus group material my dear Gillette. This is what’s going on…

Gillette Venus ProSkin

Fashionista Must Haves for your Autumn Wardrobe by Jeni Elizabeth

“Fashionista Must Haves for your Autumn Wardrobe” by celebrity fashion stylist Jeni Elizabeth. Jeni ran the women’s department of New York’s fashion forward Henri Bendel for three years. She has also styled for reality stars from MTV’s hit show the “The Jersey Shore,” ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. With a myriad of elite clients under her belt such styling celebs such as Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, and Carrie Underwood.

“I am a firm believer that “key pieces” can take you from summer right into fall.”-Jeni Elizabeth

As the air begins to get crispier and the colors begin to change, every fashionista knows that her wardrobe must change as well. This year’s runways were full of exotic and colorful palettes that make this fall season seem as exciting and fun as ever!

Victoria’s Secret Launched Showstopper with Adriana Lima

TM and Marta Walsh has the sneak peek to the launch this morning at the Victoria’s Secret store in Herald Square of the Showstopper Bra with Adriana Lima. Show nothing but your shape with The Showstopper by Victoria’s Secret. This new collection of bras is light, smooth and sexy while providing no-show coverage right where you need it most.

The Showstopper by Victoria’s Secret is available in three styles: Demi, Perfect Coverage and Multi-Way, with a variety of fall shades including Very Fuchsia, Turkish Blue, Royal Paisley, Black, White and Nude. Prices range from $45-$49.50 and sizes 34B-38DD.

Dianna Argon’s hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea worked with Dianna Agron at the Los Angeles premiere of GLEE : The 3D Concert Movie on Saturday, August 6th. Beauty Inspiration: “My inspiration for Dianna for the Glee premiere was ‘British rocker/sexy/messy.’”

How to get Dianna Argon’s hairstyle:

Olivia Wilde In Tom Ford

Actress Olivia Wilde wore a TOM FORD black silk overstitched cups cocktail dress to the ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ premiere on August 8, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

Olivia Wilde In Tom Ford. Do you love?

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas Phoenix

Last week before my trip to San Diego for BlogHer 2011 I had the great opportunity to get my hair done at the Red Door Spas at the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix. I actually went for a bit of a makeover. I went a bit darker. David did my color and Frank got rid of my split ends with a little trim. Below you can see the Marta Walsh before and after pics. Which one do you think works the best? It’s OK, I can take criticism:)

L to R: Before: Marta Walsh blonde. After: Marta Walsh’s hair color makeover thanks to Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas in Phoenix

Basically, I’m addicted to blonde hair. Ever since I went blonde about 7 years ago I can’t seem to convert back to brunette. The truth my loves, I feel I may never be a full brunette.

Jean Paul Gaultier CLASSIQUE 3.3 oz Summer Limited Edition

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer 2011 Fragrance. I’ve always loved the Jean Paul Gaultier CLASSIQUE perfume since the late 1990s. The perfume is all about the sexy, contemporary, and light. I got the chance to try the NEW Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Fragrance: CLASSIQUE 3.3 oz Summer Limited Edition and love it. It’s fresh but smooth, not pokey or overly floral.

CLASSIQUE 3.3 oz Summer Limited Edition. “Very sexy perfume”-Marta Walsh.

Fragrance notes include…

Love by Kim Kardashian A Limited Edition Fragrance

Introducing Love by Kim Kardashian new perfume. THINK: Let love fill the air. WHAT IT IS: A captivating aroma, evocative of endless love. There’s nothing more powerful than two souls united by the passion, beauty and trust they find in one another. Inspired by the intoxicating sensation of true, eternal love, Kim Kardashian presents a limited edition fragrance—Love by Kim Kardashian.

Topshop Toronto Canada

I just got back from a fabulous trip to Toronto Canada and of course I had to go to the city and check out the shopping. Looks like British Topshop has arrived Canada at The Bay and is looking great. Umm…Topshop, when are coming to the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale Arizona, we need you?:)

Topshop in The Bay Department Stores, Toronto Canada (176 Yonge St Eaton Centre). Photo by Marta Walsh