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Erica Rose Interviews With Marta Walsh

I’m very excited to share with you my interview with Erica Rose. You might remember Erica as the “socialite” on ABC’s hit series THE BACHELOR: Rome. She was one of the top 6 women competing for Prince’s Lorenzo Borghese heart. I certainly can’t forget Erica and her love it or hate it personality. She stood out as a true reality star. Erica’s most recent project includes staring in a new VH1 reality series “You’re Cut Off” premiering next Wednesday, June 9th, 2010. I must say, this interview with Erica helped me to get to know her a little bit better. I’m quite impressed how grounded, smart, and witty, she comes across. If any of you out there dream on becoming a reality star you might want to read this interview and learn a thing or two from lovely Miss Rose.

In this interview Erica Rose talks to Marta Walsh about her experience in The Bachelor: Rome. What does it really take to be a reality star. Her new reality show “You’re Cut Off”. Explains why she is more than a ‘Socialite’. The People who inspire her. Why Heidi Montag would be invited to her dream and ultimate dinner party. What’s in her makeup bag. And future plans.

Marta Walsh: Where do you call home?
Erica Rose: Right now Houston, Texas because I’m in law school there at the University of Houston- I just finished my second year. I travel a lot though and have houses in Aspen and Palm Springs so I also feel like a Cali and Colorado girl as much as I do a Texan.

Who Got It Right: Kristin Cavallari,Heather Graham, Heidi Montag

Last week Kristin Cavallari was spotted at Wizard of Oz Exhibition Opening Night Gala wearing the same dress Heather Graham wore at the Hangover premiere.


And now, Heidi Montag!?

Who Got It Right: Kristin Cavallari, Heather Graham, or Heidi Montag? Tell Talking Makeup what you think?

Heidi Montag I’m A Celebrity (Without Makeup )Get Me Out Of Here

I loved to watching Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on NBC’s I’m A Celebrity Get Out Of Here…before they were too good for the show:) The Speidis seem so much action, lol. I did notice, however, that Heidi was also a celebrity without makeup on the show, and not so made-up like on MTV’s The Hills. Must be tough to be a beauty addict in a deserted forest in Costa Rica. I know it will drive me crazy not having makeup on the show:)

La Roche-Posay comes to the rescue: Speidi’s dramatic departure and Heidi’s strange obsession with her dry shampoo (rumored to be launching on QVC) has gotten everyone buzzing about the new reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here!” Shameless self promotion put aside, what beauty product should Heidi have brought to brave the brutality of “God’s nature?”