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P. Diddy At The Gatorade G Series Pro Event

Elite athletes Eli Manning and LaDainian Tomlinson joined top media and celebrities like P. Diddy in New York City at an exclusive Gatorade’s G Series Pro event Tuesday, April 13, 2010. The event transformed a high-end Soho loft to dramatically communicate the premium quality of the new product line and capture the mindset of a pro athlete who thinks about sports performance 24/7. The party started rocking early with more than 100 guests including New York Jet players D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and Jericho Cotchery. For the past 15 years G Series Pro products have only been available to college and pro athletes until now as we offer them through our partnership with GNC and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs greet each other at the Gatorade G Series Pro event in New York, Tues, April 13, 2010. G Series Pro, originally developed exclusively for professional and collegiate athletes, will be available starting at GNC May 1 and Dick’s Sporting Goods June 1, 2010.

Fifi Awards: Laura Slatkin wins over husband Harry!

At Wednesday’s (5/27) star studded Fifi Awards at Manhattan’s Downtown Armory attended by Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Marc Jacobs and Mary J. Blige, the royal couple of home fragrance, Harry and Laura Slatkin competed against each other for the first time in the Interior Scent Collection Category – he for Slatkin & Co./Limited brands, she for Candela Group.

Harry and Laura Slatkin
Photo by Steve Eichner via

Laura’s new line Nest brought home the award making the couple the first in Fifi history to both win an award in the same category for different collections. She will proudly place it on the mantle next to Harry’s 2003 Fifi for Elton John’s Potpourri Rocks.

Sean John I Am King New Fragrance by P. Diddy

Sean John Combs aka P. Diddy launched a new fragrance recently: I Am King. 

Here is the ad for Sean John I Am King New Fragrance by P. Diddy:

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, poses with P. Diddy in the ad for “I Am King”. It’s the beauty on the left of P. Diddy. Do you recognize the model on the right? I don’t:)

Sean John I Am King New Fragrance by P. Diddy is P. Diddy’s second perfume, after Unforgivable for Men, P. Diddy.

The name builds on P. Diddy”s current Sean John men”s line, which has a classic, royal theme.

“I Am King is a statement about all men,” Diddy tells WWD. “We are all descendants of royalty ” and if we carry ourselves and respect ourselves in that manner and believe in ourselves, then we are all kings.”

“You have to look at all of the images they have out about Blacks,” he explains. “So when you see this image, you need to understand it”s bigger than the fragrance, it”s bigger than me.

“When a young Blacks male or a young Latino male sees this image, they see this elegant sophistication and they see I Am King next to it ” it hits their senses and they believe; that”s what motivates me when I”m taking pictures.”

Delirium & Co. Candles

Talking Makeup is thrilled to introduce you to the hottest new luxurious candle line that has already made it into Elton John and P. Diddy’s homes, Delirium & Co. Candles.

What makes Delirium & Co. Candles line so unique is that it is inspired by the most romantic, idealistic periods in history. These soy blend candles, placed in hand-made translucent reflective glass and boxed in just as elegant packaging, are divided into two collections: “The Silver Period” which features the scents of China Tea, Delicate Bouquet, Pear & Violet, and Sensual Camelia and “The Blue Period” which includes Royal Amber, Samurai Woods, Suede & Smoke, and Sweet Tobacco fragrances.