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The Hair Files NYC Event

At the end of May, 2009, Redken hosted editors and bloggers at the Exchange to an up-close and personal look at the new Hair Files series. The new Create Curls video was debuted and Redken Media Marketing Senior Manager Corrie Rudin and Rodney Cutler explained why Redken is producing and promoting these videos and why it is so important to teach consumers how to style their own hair in-between salon visits. Guests were treated to a live performance by recording artist Toby Lightman as well!

The Hair Files:The Ultimate Blonde

Talking Makeup would like to share with you another great video from Redken’s The Hair Files series!

The Hair Files: The Ultimate Blonde starring David Stanko and Rodney Cutler (you know how much Marta LOVES blonde:)

David explains how to treat and maintain color-treated blonde hair, and recommends at-home maintenance with the Blonde Glam collection while Rodney teaches consumers who to create a shiny, wavy look using a curling iron.

Watch The Hair Files: The Ultimate Blonde on YouTube

Rodney Cutler interview with Marta Walsh

Redken Launches The Hair Files Video Series!

Redken is excited to announce the launch of our NEW video series, The Hair Files: How-To Guides for Stylish Hair Everyday! The episodes provide easy step-by-step direction to consumers on how to create their favorite salon hairstyles on their own. The first episode is now live on  and

Have you ever walked out of a salon hoping that your blow-dry would last for longer than a day? Have you ever wished that you had a personal hairstylist that could style your hair for a special night out? Do you ever wonder what products stylists use on your hair to get it looking so flawlessly full or wavy? Now, the salon pros tips and tricks are revealed! Easy step-by-steps on creating your favorite hair styles are now available on video through The Hair Files: How-To Guides for Stylish Hair Everyday.

Top 10 Celebrity Hair Stylist Tips

Talking Makeup’s Top 10 celebrity hair stylist tips:

1. “I always use the same brushes: Mason Pearson for detangling and blowing out bangs and Spornett mixed bristle round brushes for blowouts. The mixed bristles grip the hair and create enough tension to get the hair really smooth without pulling on the hair”-Mark Townsend.

2. “There are so many to choose from now days so make sure you understand your hair type, etc. Do you have fine hair or thick hair or kinky hair….this makes a big difference in what shampoo and conditioner would be right for you. Fekkai has a very wide range of shampoos and conditioners that I love that would fit almost all hair-types out there…. Experiment till you find the one that makes your hair soft and shiny without leaving too much residue or buildup on your hair”-Adir Abergel.

3. “It is always important to apply strong volumizer on the roots to achieve a full and glamorous base. Polished, soft and natural curls always add to a glamorous look the without appearing too overdone. A good tip to make the hair fall glamorously around the face is to line the hair in proportion with the cheekbones. This tip emphasizes the beauty and the overall effect of the hairstyle”-Oscar Blandi.

4. “Moisture”-Jamal Hammadi.

5. “My number one hair care tip is: invest in good hair products and visit your hairstylist frequently. Don’t be afraid of asking your hairstylist questions – that is part of their craft”-Omar Lopez.

6. “The Cutler Fly-Away Control Stick is definitely a must-have. It’s easy to travel with and great to pull out to add shine and bring down fly-aways. Another great product is Redken’s Workforce 09 hairspray it’s lightweight and adds shine”-Rodney Cutler.

7. “Texture hair is always in need of moisture, conditioning, and a good stylist who understands their hair type. Most stylists are not trained to understand our hair, so a lot of Caucasian stylist will turn them away”-Kiyah Wright.

8. “The biggest mistake people make is going to the salon when they are emotional. It is important to explain to your stylist your lifestyle whether it is work, family or friends”-Kaz Amor.

9. “I cannot live without Vavoom Gold Heat Iron-In Control Protective Dry Mist! This is the product I used to create Reese’s straight, sleek, shiny hair for the Globes. You spray the hair with this, then run a flat iron over the hair and it seals the hair and fights against humidity”-Mark Townsend.

10. ” I love to use jasmine oil on my clients because I am usually working under fast turn around so it is easy enough for women to use it every day”-Oscar Blandi.

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