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Stanley Adams Interviews With Marta Walsh

I’ve recently interviewed fashion designer Stanley Adams during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 for Style Interviews! Here it is:

During New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 I’ve had an amazing opportunity to attend the Stanley Adams Carr Haus (if the walls could talk..) fashion show and even got to interview him.

I also met and interviewed some guests of Stanley Adam’s show, such as: Stacey McKenzie, Myron Christian, and Robert Reynolds.

Stanley Adams’ desire to enter the fashion world began with his fascination with Parisian houses of Dior, Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino, and Christian Lacroix. Stanley Adams Couture is designed for the upscale workingwoman, she loves to dress simple but attractive. Stanley Adams Couture is available by appointment only with plans to launch in high-end boutiques in the U.S. this fall.

In this interview Stanley Adams talks about presenting his Fall 2009 collection in New York City, his inspiration for the collection, Charlize Theron as one of his ideal celebrities to wear his designs, and future plans.

Stacey McKenzie is Canadian fashion model, runway coach and most recently a model coach and judge on the Canadian reality television show Canada’s Next Top Model.

Propr Fall 2009 Show Hair by Avon Advance Techniques

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Proper: Hair by Avon Advance Techniques.

Propr Fall 2009 – THE LOOK:

Avon Advance Techniques Global Stylist Advisors Allen Ruiz and Anthony Barrow together with Novice Fashion Designers David Arquette and Ben Harper, created the hair look for the Propr Fall 2009 Show at Highline Ballroom for Fashion Week.

David Arquette and Ben Harper.

MAC Lead Makeup Artist Backstage at Twinkle

New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 report: Watch Marta’s video blog for today where she interviews Gregory Arlt. MAC Lead Makeup Artist, backstage at Twinkle during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009. btw-Gregory Arlt is one of the coolest makeup artists in the world, he has an amazing energy and very easy to chat to. Thank you Greg! You are fabulous:)

Products mentioned in Marta’s Video Blog: MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger, MAC Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch, MAC Eye Shadow in Floof, MAC Select Moisture Concealer, and MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Powder.

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Marta Walsh Interviews Redken Lead Stylist Backstage at Twinkle

Watch Marta’s video blog for today where she interviews Redken Lead Stylist, John Ruidant, backstage at Twinkle during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009.

Products mention in Marta’s video: Redken Hot Sets 22.

Edward Tricomi Cuts Marta Walsh’s Hair-The Photos

Thanks to my fabulous friend photographer, Amber McLinn, I have the images of Edward Tricomi cutting my hair at the Warren Tricomi New York The Plaza, backstage at the Luca Luca fashion show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009.

Edward Tricomi is cutting Marta Walsh’s hair. Photo Credit: Amber McLinn.

Photo Credit: Amber McLinn.

Kanye West at Tory Burch Fashion Show

Kanye West was seen at the Tory Burch fashion show this past Wednesday during New York Fashion Week Fall 2009. And I have a small video of Kanye West and photos. Enjoy!

Tory Burch fashion was one my favorites during New York Fashion Week. I loved the clothes, the models, the music, and Tory Burch herself. Not sure if you’ve seen Tory Burch’s photos before, but she is very pretty!

Kanye West (left) Fashion Designer Tory Burch (right). Excuse my photo it is not the best, I was trying to take a photo around very tall people lol and I’m only 5’2!:) (i.e Photo Credit: Marta Walsh).